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A Normal Life from a Normal Teenage Girl

17 years old from Portugal

One Direction
The Mortal Instruments
Ed Sheeran
The Hunger Games

t h e   c l o c k w o r k   p r i n c e s s 

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Clockwork Angle - Cassandra Clare

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Hi I’m Hannah first things first I love your books! I have read each multiple times and can’t wait for TDA but my initial question is do you and Cassandra Jean know when you are going to put the tarot cards up for sale? Thanks! — smithhann

Hi Cassandra! First, I love your books … But my question is related tarot cards of shadowhunters. I wonder: if you want to sell them? If yes, when? Thank you! — giuliaherondaleangel

We’re putting them out through Topataco, they do merchandise for Homestuck and Welcome to Night Vale. Things this complicated take a while to print, but we’ve approved finishes, etc. and we’re hoping to have the cards up for sale before Christmas. In the meantime, have a Cassandra Jean Gabriel Lightwood flower card, because he looks foxy!

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Hi Cassie! I love your books and the characters you’ve created so much and thank you for sharing them with the world! I’ve just finished reading CoHF for the third time and I wanted to ask a question about the tapestry Emma and Jules look at towards the end of the book. My question is why is…

"I’m gonna pretend I’m in prison! I did something really bad!" (x)

"I’m gonna pretend I’m in prison! I did something really bad!" (x)

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@fakeliampayne: Ice ice baby donate at thanks girls

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never forget this mess

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get to know: liam payne

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